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 Cactus Plants for sale All about rare cacti, photos of rare cactus plants

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 Growing rare cactus plants from seeds.Beautiful rare cactus plants for sale, exotic cactus forms. Rare Cactus description special conditions to raise  rare cacti from seeds Desert cactus plants description All about rare cactus plants 

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Growing rare cactus plants from seeds. Beautiful cacti, rare cacti, exotic cactus forms. Rare Cactus description special conditions to raise  rare cacti from seeds. Desert cactus plants description. Cactus plants for sale.  

Strombocactus disciformis - one of the rarest cactus 


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I am an eager cactus fanatic. 40 years experience in growing rare cacti from seeds.Beautiful cacti, rare cacti, exotic cactus forms. Cactus description, special conditions to raise cacti from seeds. Here youy can find specificity conditions for cultivating rare cactus plants, detailed description of rare cacti,  history of descavery cactus species and much more. 

All about Rare Cacti

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 I create this website for people who like rare cacti. I put here information about cacti that maybe helpful for rare cactus lovers. You can find here specificity conditions for cultivating either rare cactus you have, how to propagate your cacti. The climate conditions and soil in the habitat  You will find also rare cactus pictures, description of stem, spines, flowers, bloom time, water needs, recommended temperatures and much more.  


We started in 2005 in Oceanside CA, working out of a small back yard by growing rare cacti from seeds. All these years later, we have over 100 rare cactus species, but our passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.

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Cactus Introduction

A cactus is a unique plant that is commonly found growing in a desert habitat. It belongs to the family Cactaceae. Cacti are equipped with many adaptations that suit them for the desert life. Instead of leaves, from which water escapes easily, this magnificent plant has spines, which greatly narrow down water evaporation. The spines also protect the cactus from hungry predators such as birds. A cactus has short roots, which also minimize evaporation. A cactus is a vascular plant, meaning it can support itself while growing to amazing heights. The saguaro cactus can grow unto an astonishing 45ft. Probably the most amazing fact about this plant is that even in its harsh climate some cacti can survive over 200 years! These adaptations allow certain cacti to survive 3 years without water; a human can barely survive 4 days.             

Cacti reproduce using a couple of methods. One way is by vegetative reproduction: when for any reason a cactus branch falls off, it will grow into a new cactus. Cacti can also reproduce by using seeds. They form flowers that are eventually replaced by fruit (for some species) and seed. 

            Cacti are used by both man and animal. Animals such as birds eat cacti and use holes they made as shelter. Burrowing animals make homes near roots since the soil has more moisture than common desert sand. People use cactus for water and food, though not frequent. Most humans such as I use cactus for décor and gardens. Many cacti such as prickly pear and golden barrel cacti make great houseplants. Some, like the Easter and Christmas cactus are used as holiday décor.

A cactus is good plant for everyone. It does not require much care. Some people even say that the less you care for them the better. This makes sense because in the desert no one helps wild cacti grow in the harsh conditions. You still must water them and give them sun and occasional feed. 


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I am an eager cactus fanatic. More than 40 years experience in growing rare cactuses from seeds. We have rare cactus plants. I begin my cactus collection in Russia in the early of the seventies. I lived in an apartment. In the eighties I had 250 cactus species in my collection. My cactus seedlings I placed on the window sill that was faced to South-East. What cacti really need is light, better direct sunbeams – and warm. It can be said: the more shine the collector can give his cacti the better they will grow, the more species collector can choose to collect. 

After a year I had no space for the next bought seedlings. I decided to use the pre-window glass-house outside the room. It was the best decision. Finally, I could maid a collection that count 250 cactus species.

Now I live in the USA in California and create a cactus collection by growing cacti from seeds. 
I would like to share my experience with you. The picture below shows my cactus collection in Russia


Cacti for Sale, Best Prices.  Exotic and Rare cactus plants for sale. Rare Cactus plants for sale We have different types of cactus plants, high quality indoor, desert cactus plants . We inspect every cactus before shipping. I GUARANTEE 100% refund in 14 days if you get invalid cactus. Just email me the picture

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 I provide beautiful and rare cacti with low prices. 

I create a collection of rare and exotic kinds of cactuses by growing cacti from seeds. Unnecessary seedlings I sell. 
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I can make reservation. For reservation please email me mikglad@cox.net. In email insert the name of cactus and amount, or ask for a list of seedlings that will be available in the future.


Where do I start?

Follow these simple steps when buying cacti:

1.The first step in ensuring success in growing a healthy cactus plant is to purchase one that is already in good health. Avoid any plant that has damaged spines, obvious signs of bruising, or that has lopsided or uneven growth. Read a label and ensure you can create required environment for this specific cactus. Look around, as different cacti require different environment.

2. Make sure you like the cactus before purchase. Try to learn more about this specific type - different types require different care.

3. Buy a larger pot and some cactus soil - you will need to re-pot your cactus because the original pot is likely too small.

4. In a couple of days, when the cactus adjusts to the new environment, re-pot it and water with enough water to keep all soil damp.

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